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Lavanya international is a professionally managed Organization, Lavanya International introduces itself as a leading manufacturers Of Garden Tools , and Tools, Agricultural And Construction Tools backed by well trained professionals with years of  experience, guaranties provision of  Quality service to our clients supported by very efficient team of commercial, marketing manager & well trained staff to achieve .

We comprehend the value of innovation and work towards overhauling our processors and enhancing our core competencies. We believe in continually upgrading our manufacturing techniques and embracing the latest technology to enhance the product quality

Garden Edger Tools

Garden Tools We Cannot Live Without

With the start of the much-awaited Spring Season, the expert and amateur gardeners have started taking stock of their tool collection while at the same time adding more to the potting shed. One of the most popular and in-demand tools is the long handled garden tools that help in clearing large areas of weeds. Garden tools are an umbrella term for a variety of tools and equipment that includes digging spade, digging Fork, spade shovels, Garden rake  and a lot more.

Lavanya International, one of the leading manufacturers of Garden tools brings an extensive range of high-quality, and cost-effective short or long-handled garden tools that are perfectly right for the gardening job you have in mind. When buying these tools or equipment, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Strength and Grip Size– When buying garden tools like and strength of the tool. Also, check its grip size, so it is comfortable to hold and allow appropriate force required to remove weeds. If a tool is allowing a very limited movement, it means, you should look for another tool with a better grip.

Quality– Check the quality of tools. You would like to buy products that you can use for a long time. So, do not settle for anything in a sub-standard quality.

Long-H– Choose tools with long handles as it will allow you to keep your back straight while working in the garden. It is essential to maintain good posture while gardening to avoid any pains and aches.

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